Welcome! My name is Mandy Froelich, and I am the founder of Bloom for Life, as well as the co-founder of My Stoned Kitchen and another venture I will soon name.

My background is primarily in holistic nutrition and plant-based cooking. However, for the past six years, I have also worked as a journalist while traveling the globe and brainstorming new projects. My time spent working in Thailand, Bali, Africa, and Costa Rica led me to studying a diverse array of alternative healing modalities, including reiki, reflexology, and massage. For a full background and information on my healing services, click here.

Who am I?

If I had to sit down and offer a description of who I am (which, essentially, is what this is), Iโ€™d say I am first and foremost: a visionary, a healer, and an artist.

“I am a visionary, healer, and an artist.”

I cannot be defined by one talent or trade, for there are too many and I hope to continue learning throughout my life. However, I can share my strengths, which follow. I…

  • Am knowledgable about natural medicine, holistic nutrition and plant-based cooking
  • Am able to turn ideas into fleshed out businesses and collaborative opportunities
  • Am skilled in videography, photography, and writing
  • Am capable of playing guitar, piano, singing, dancing, drawing, painting and am learning graphic design

These are superficial traits. Most importantly, I am highly intrigued by the nature of this reality and the truths which have been suppressed from mankind for eons. This acknowledged, I spend a lot of my time studying various subjects while building businesses that allow for freedom.

Why I created this website

Several years ago, I started a personal website to showcase my offerings. These eventually into businesses, such as Bloom for Life, which exists as a healthy living resource for people around the globe.

This time, amandafroelich.com will serve as an outlet to express my truth. I find that sometimes in business โ€” especially when working with others, one is forced to hold back on certain ideas and statements. You will find content ranging from re-published works to exclusive interviews for my Activism Speaks project, to newly-released books and opportunities to help you live your best life.

Benefit from my other offerings โ€” please. But through this platform, letโ€™s become friends and grow together.


Amanda Froelich